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Capture Solutions

Presentations 2Go open video platform is a comprehensive solution for recording multi source video presentations, management of content, metadata and multi platform streaming. Capable of streaming your videos to any device, campus and worldwide.

Capture Software

Fully automated capture, webcast and publishing of multi source video.

High-end Presentations 2Go™ Pro software for live and on-demand high-quality lecture capture and webcasting with professional equipment.

Video Capture Appliances

Turnkey, reliable recording solutions.

Powerfull capture solutions for rich media production and high-end conference webcasting. Beautifully integrated hardware and software, at an affordable price.

Certified Hardware

Add affordable and easy to operate capture solutions the way you want.

Presentations 2Go supports a range of certified hardware recorders from leading brands such as the new Matrox monarch LCS and Lumens VS-LC102 to capture your way. Easy to setup with full control, scheduling and auto publishing.

Video Tracking Cameras

Stand-alone HD-PTZ Lecturer Tracking

Presentations 2Go Lecturer Tracking solutions are the most advanced solutions for complete automatic lecturer tracking. HD PTZ IP Camera with advanced face recognition and tracking based on image analysis. So no need for extra computers, devices or sensors, the tracking is realized by the camera itself.