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Deploying Presentations2Go Open Video Server

Choose the best deployment option, on-premises, cloud or private cloud

Self-Hosted Deployment

Complete control and Flexibility

The self-hosted deployment with Presentations2Go customizable video server software can be used for building and delivering a professional-grade streaming video platform for your organisation. The self-hosted server platform offers complete control and flexibility over server and network resources, along with customized transcoding profiles, media workflows and archiving.

With self-hosted deployment the video server software can be installed on virtual or physical on-premises servers, so you can build customized, cost-effective server configurations. Built on the unified streaming enterprise streaming technology the platform will deliver the best possible multi platform viewing experience up to 4K using adaptive bitrate streaming technology.

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Cloud-Hosted Deployment

Ensure uptime and Reliability

Choose easy deployment with our cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

The cloud-hosted platform provides a scalable, secure video hosting service in a redundant environment through multiple EU datacenters and servers in a scalable infrastructure. The platform offers a SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) service that provides organizations with full control over the authorization and authentication of hosted user accounts that can access the cloud video server. The cloud platform can grow with your demands and organization. Dedicated support and professional services can help you setup your enterprise video server within 1 day.

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Private Cloud Deployment

Deploy the resources you need

Complex video cloud and transcoding environments have high ranging workloads. Presentations2Go can offer complete private cloud hosting in ISO27001 certified EU datacenters. Custom hosting environments with 24x7 security, private cooling, power breakers, security and capacity build-out. Fully managed private Single-Tenant Hosting with optional high-availability, co-location backup and hot standby co-location hosting. Perfect for larger workloads, with consistent performance and high availability. Our dedicated account manager will design a hosting plan depending on the resources you need and setup the custom hosting configuration. Contact us or one of our authorized resellers for more information and pricing.


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