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Lecturer Tracking Camera

Full HD PTZ IP + SDI tracking camera. Advanced solution for lecture capture with complete automatic lecturer tracking. With face recognition and tracking based on image analysis, the tracking is realized by the camera itself. Simple installation, no need for extra IR devices, triggers or sensors. Easy browser based setup.

Warranty 1 year including support.

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Advanced IP tracking camera with face recognition

The full HD PTZ camera with 20x optical zoom can realize full automatic smooth tracking performance. It will always lock the lecturer in the center of the image. The tracking range can cover the whole classroom with auto zoom performance, even when the lecturer is walking among the students. Also if lecturer turns around or stands still for a long time, small gestures will not affect the tracking.

The standalone tracking system can be installed like any other ptz ip + sdi camera, no need for extra IR devices, triggers or sensors. With its proven stability and excellent performance the tracking camera is ideally suited for in education and corporate training.

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