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Open Video Server Cloud Enterprise Plan

Setup your enterprise software-as-a-Service (SaaS) video platform for your organisation. The OVS cloud enterprise plan can grow with your demands and organization to setup your private cloud as a complete and fully hosted, managed and supported video platform. Contact us or one of our authorized resellers for more information and pricing.




Choose easy deployment with the Presentations2Go cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. The cloud-hosted platform provides a scalable, secure video hosting service in a redundant environment through multiple EU datacenters and servers in a scalable infrastructure. The platform offers a SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) service that provides organizations with full control over the authorization and authentication of hosted user accounts that can access the cloud video server. Cloud hosting removes the need for your IT staff to handle servers, installation, bandwith, licenses and maintenance. The enterprise cloud platform can grow with your demands and organization.

  • Cloud Video Server
  • SAML support
  • Unlimited Multi User Accounts
  • Privacy and security
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Live Streaming
  • Branding
  • Workflow and archiving
  • Media lifecycle management
  • Schedule recordings
  • Automatic publishing of multisource-videos
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Go360.live HTML5 adaptive streaming player
  • Advanced embed options
  • Stream and upload virtual reality and 360-degree video
  • High-quality multiplatform streaming, support for all leading delivery formats: HDS, HLS, MSS en MPEG-DASH.
  • Smart high-quality adaptive transcoding
  • Build your streaming infrastructure with Presentations2Go APIs
  • Optional turnkey recording apliances
  • ISO27001 certified EU datacenter *
  • 24×7 security *
  • Generator backup *
  • 100% green energy *
  • Colocation with Redundancy and Hot Standby *
  • Priority support for license term
  • Dedicated Account Manager

*custom plans available

MSRP Price per month billed annually.