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Stream Studio HD4K

Professional portable 4K live production streaming appliance including Presentations2Go controller and vMix 4K License with 2x one channel 4K/60Hz capture to capture 4K SDI or 4K HDMI

The Rugged and powerfull mobile Stream Studio solution is suitable for tough environments and mobile recording. Equipped with the latest Intel technology, optional touch screen, specially treated anti-glare tempered glass and state of the art components for 4K video, 360 degree video and VR recording.

Warranty 1 year including software updates and standard support. Optional premium support subscription including Stream Studio software upgrades, Premium Support service (priority response, telephone support, remote access services.).


Presentations2Go Stream Studio HD4K is an extremely portable multi-camera, multi-format all-in-one video production switcher. Create professional 4K recordings and live streaming with powerfull features and portability. There are two professional 4K/60Hz channels with auto scan and manual selection of input sources to capture 4K SDI or 4K HDMI with embedded audio. Presentations2Go Stream Studio™ is a powerfull package of vMix and Presentations2Go so you are prepared for streaming and recording of 4K, 360° content and VR recordings. Simply plugin audio, video and press start to stream live to Presentations2Go OVS with the included Go360.live HTML5 player or use YouTube Live, Twitter, Periscope and Facebook Live. In combination with Presentations2Go OVS the whole process of recording, live broadcasting and making 360° and 4K content available online is fully automated and secure, no manual processing necessary. The Presentations2Go controller software adds enterprise streaming options to manage your recording appliances, schedule recordings, publish automatically to Presentations2Go OVS and adds IEEE-LOM metadata to your recordings.

As of the inputs detail, this product work to serve users with different options of input types, live image adjustment, clean transitions, instant replay, green screen, virtual sets and more. Setup and produce from start to finish with the Stream Studio built in display. True Multi-Input Production Combine up to two 4K live sources and NDI sources with combinations of video/audio clips, still images, animations, virtual sets and DVDs. Add remote guests to your production. With only a web browser and webcam your guest can connect into your live show with HD video and high quality audio from anywhere in the world. Best of all, during the recordings your main webcasting engineer can handle the production while a separate communication manager uses the included web interface application on an iPad, iPhone, Android or laptop device to update titles and text on the fly with live Social Media integration including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and IRC.

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