Easy to use video system for psychology video recording applications

Turnkey video recording in psychology research

Video Recording in Psychology Research

Video recording has many benefits as opposed to traditional observations. With Presentations2Go you are able to observe and capture interaction in different settings remotely in a secure and confidential way. After recording you are able to play back the recordings immediately in different speeds, tagging points of interest to review, debrief and discuss.

Using the right AV solutions

Video recording research requires technical knowledge to ensure the appropriate selection of cameras, video quality adjustment, and positioning of cameras. Presentations2Go enhanced video technology allows for richer data and facilitates the data collection process with alternatives such as multi-channel streams, remote controlled cameras, 360 degree cameras and secure recording apps for IOS and Android. It is essential to note that the research purpose may affect the type of technology used in the design.

Turnkey video recording system

Multi-room video and audio recording can collect so much data that the process of analysis becomes more complicated and time consuming. Presentations2Go will support you to determine the specific research problems to minimize data collection and analysis time adding tagging, metadata and workflow protocols.

We will help your organisation to provide a turnkey video recording solution and help you to coordinate with internal IT departments and thirdparty integration companies to create the most effective solution for our customers.

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