Video Content Management

Manage your video files

Centralize, manage and administer video files with automatic video transcoding and workflow. Most Learning management and content management systems are not designed for managing and streaming video files. Moreover, videos are being recorded in increasingly higher quality and resolution, so that a video can easily have a size of 1 GB. In addition, the use of different types of devices such as telephones, tablets and notebooks is increasing, whereby dynamic streaming of videos automatically selects the correct resolution and quality for the device used and available internet speed. Presentations2Go CMS is built for managing video content, making it easy for anyone to find and stream your video assets. Presentations2Go integrates with your existing IT systems, so you can include videos wherever you want to view them.

Drag-and-Drop Video Upload

Drag and drop your video or select multiple videos to upload at once. Uploaded videos in almost any format are automatically transcoded for optimal adaptive playback on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Presentations2Go supports a list of video formats, including AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, WMV, ASF, WMA, MP3, M4V, and many more.

Tumbnail selector

Select your personalised thumbnail from the video timeline or select your own image.

Multi-language Metadata

Enrich your video library in multiple languages with configurable advanced metadata and searching including support for metadata harvesting. Also selected recorders can be synchronized automatically with your predefined metadata scheme.

Secure videoupload from mobiles and tablets

Presentations2Go apps for IOS and Android can be used to make recordings easily and safely. The entire process from recording to publishing is arranged with the touch of a button. No recordings left on the phone or tablet. Ideal for assignments, observation and debriefing where feedback can be given immediately via the online video platform.

Workflow and Archiving

Manage your content actively with turnkey video lifecycle management, workflow and archiving. With the Presentations2Go Quota and Workflow engine you can manage your content actively. Save drafts, monitor disk usage and remove or archive content based on workflow rules. Build intelligent workflow rules to move content to other folders, archive on disk or the recycle bin. Per folder you can select optionally a workflow rule. Run the rule immediately and at a regular interval.

Tagging and Feedback Tools

Presentations2Go video tagging and feedback tools can be used to tag specific points in the recordings to mark for index or give feedback and react. It will give you complete control over who can see the recordings and comments per video.

Re-upload files

In the case users want to replace an existing video file or overwrite the content of an existing video, the original URL should be maintained when the media link already has been distributed or has a number of views and other statistics that you'd like to retain. To achieve this, Presentations2Go provides a re-upload option from where users can replace an existing asset without having to worry about the original filename and the original link.

Learning Management Systems

Even the most advanced Learning management systems are not build for video. That's why Presentations2Go integrates seamlessly with learning management systems to view, manage and search video presentations from your LMS. 

We will help your organisation to integrate Presentations2Go with your LMS  and to coordinate with internal IT departments and thirdparty integration companies to create the most effective video solution for our customers.