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transform teaching and learning with video

The Turnkey Video Platform for Education

power your digital workforce with video

Train and Communicate with Enterprise Video

Host your video presentations secure in high quality and integrate with ease

Engage your students using video presentations with our secure and ad-free cloud platform,
recording and sharing flipped classroom videos using any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Recording apps

Start easy with apps for audio and video recording. Recording classes and uploading screencasts and learning videos

LMS integration

Integrate secure videos seamlessly into your lms platform with the plugins for e.g. moodle, canvas, brightspace and blackboard to integrate secure videos seamlessly into your learning management system

High quality videocloud

Start uploading and, embed up to 4K video with tools to manage and use videos in your classes, secure professional streaming and no adds

I'm a teacher

Join presentations2go and let your administrator install the plugin for e.g. moodle or blackboard. Now you are ready to go recording classes with the included apps and adding videos for your students embeding them easily into your course.

I'm an administrator

With presentations2go you are ready to offer secure high quality streaming video in your organisation with a few clicks. To start, join the platform and install the plugin. Offer the included free apps and start recording and sharing video within your lms. Perfect for flipped learning.

I'm a manager

Presentations2Go is an easy-to-use online video platform that integrates seamlessly with learning management systems. The cloud solution comes with recording apps and scale with your needs toward an enterprise video platform. Complete with professional recording appliances and online video server packages.

Get started today

Setup your free presentations2go cloud today and have a quickstart with the included introduction course. Call us when you have questions, we are here to help you.

I'm presentations2go

Presentations2Go is an enterprise video platform offering flexible and scalable video solutions for education and traning.

Activate video learning creating smart
and interactive video presentations 

Clickable videos with
Presentations2Go and Clicknlinc

Join now the Presentations2Go free plan and get your 
account to create clickable video presentations. 

Join the high-quality home to host your video presentations 
The easy-to-use new generation online video learning platform 

Join free and select your plan

Get started quickly and choose your plan. And yes our free option really is forever with a temporary storageplan (1 month recycling of videocontent), free recording apps and plugins.

Download and install the lms plugin

Install the lms plugin for e.g. moodle or blackboard to embed and upload videos.

Start recording and uploading videos

Start recording and sharing flipped classroom videos using the included recording apps

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